The Ways Homeless People Can Get Healthcare

Nobody likes the idea of becoming sick. This situation is even worse and more difficult for individuals who are homeless. People without a permanent address are not able to obtain healthcare. This struggle increases for people who do not have a lot of money but have healthcare needs. There are a number of ways a homeless person can get healthcare.


It is true a person must have an address to get Medicaid. Should a homeless person be staying at a shelter; it can assist individuals in signing up. Medicaid is a program created with the intent to assist individuals who are needy. A person who does not have any type of income can sign up for Medicaid. This program makes it possible for people to obtain most services for healthcare free of charge.

Expanded Medicaid

A number of states around the country provide expanded Medicaid. Should a homeless person live in a state that does not provide expanded Medicaid; they will be able to get help should they have an emergency. There are many methods a homeless person can use to sign up for Medicaid. It can be done over the phone. A homeless person can also apply for it online. They can download a copy of the Medicaid form and fill it out. Once this is done, the completed form can be taken to a local Medicaid office.

A homeless person will be asked about their income and size of family. A person will not have to state on their application they're homeless.

Programs Providing Healthcare For The Homeless

Each state has this type of program. It is designed to provide homeless people with basic healthcare services. The healthcare services provided could involve pharmaceutical services, preventative services as well as laboratory services and more. Emergency services will also be provided for homeless individuals. Should a homeless person have substance abuse issues or mental health problems; they will be eligible to receive a referral.

It has been estimated that over 90 percent of individuals who benefit from this program live at or below the poverty level. More than sixty-seven percent of individuals who receive assistance using this program have no health insurance. It is a program offered by the National Healthcare for the Homeless Council (NHHC). Any homeless person who wants to get benefits from this program needs to contact the NHHC directly.

Healthcare Centers That Are Federally-Qualified

Each state has healthcare clinics which are designed to serve individuals who have little or no income. The fee a person is required to pay is based on their income. These clinics receive their funding from the federal government.

Healthcare Assistance for Homeless Veterans

In order for a person to be helped with this program; they need to be a veteran. A person can obtain healthcare services from this program by receiving a referral from the Veterans Administration (VA) or a program not associated with the VA. Before a person can be approved for this program; they will be screened for medical as well as psychiatric stability. A variety of different types of assistance can be provided to a person from this program in addition to healthcare. A veteran can receive immediate assistance if they are homeless or are facing homelessness in a short period of time.

Additional Ways The Homeless Can Save Money On Healthcare

There are a number of programs available to individuals who are homeless. They are also able to save money when paying for healthcare. This is something an individual should discuss with their physician. It is possible for the physician to provide discounts to individuals who pay with cash. This makes things more convenient for the physician. It will eliminate the need for them to deal with all the forms involved with getting reimbursement from an insurance company.

Should a homeless person need medication; they can save a significant amount of money if they buy generic brands. The main difference between brand-name medication and the generic version is generic medication won't contain the same inactive ingredients. In some cases, it's possible for a person to receive a 60-day supply of medication they need for as little as $10.

Should a homeless person have a healthcare problem that requires immediate treatment; they should consider visiting an urgent care center. These centers are made to treat a person's injuries or illnesses not considered an emergency. The treatment can be provided immediately. Going to seek treatment at an urgent care center cost much less than being treated in a hospital's emergency room.

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