Applying for the Federal Pell Grant

Education after high school is definitely not something that is free or easy. For many people, taking even a few classes at a community college is difficult because of how much classes cost, not to mention the exorbitant costs of books and other school-associated fees. However, there is good news concerning the financial part of going to school! You can find various types of scholarships and other student grants that provide students with free money. When we say free, we mean it-this is money that you do not have to repay.

There are many programs for college students out there. These programs help defray the costs that come with attending a secondary school to get a degree. You may be eligible for government grants that are specifically designed for college students or money that comes from institutional or private donors. Students should primarily be aware of one type of important source of money- a Pell Grant. Pell Grants are financial assistance grants that do not have to be repaid and are available for almost every student who chooses to go to college.

Understanding Pell Grants

A Pell Grant is a type of grant that is given out as part of a federal program. This type of grant provides money to students who fall in a low-income bracket and who wish to go to college after they graduate high school. Students can use Pell Grant money for certain types of graduate programs and undergraduate programs. Pell Grants are different than other grants, as anyone has the opportunity to win one, although “win” isn’t exactly the right word for it, as you do have to apply and be approved! However, the application process is easy and you only need to fall within a certain income guideline to be eligible for the grant. If you are looking to attend one of the many colleges that accept college Pell Grants, over 5,000 of them to be exact, you only need to apply for almost guaranteed approval.

Applying for Pell Grants

Any type of funding or grant program will be competitive. There are literally millions of students attempting to receive financial aid at any given time. Not all grants or funding provides enough cash to even make a dent in your college finances, but you will at least know that you don’t have to pay off a Pell Grant when you graduate college. There are millions of men and women trying to win the very grant you may be applying for and competition is fierce.

Because of the competition, you are certain to need as much help as you can possibly get. Not only is competition intense, navigating through grant applications and understanding what is necessary is difficult. This is exactly where we can help you! We have decades worth of grant writing experience to bring to the table. We will work closely with you in order to maximize your search for college grants to find the ones that will help you the most. We will also assist you with accessing the Pell Grant program.

Once you have decided that applying for the Pell Grant is the right step for you, you will want to consider a few facts. There are four different factors that will determine how much money an individual receives once they are approved for a Pell Grant. These are:

• How much it will cost for the student to attend the particular college they are going to
• The EFC of the student, or Expected Family Contribution
• Whether the student is enrolled full or part-time
• If the student attends the full semester they signed up for

How to Calculate Your EFC

While many people do qualify for a Pell Grant, finances will play a large role when you apply. The government offers a very specific program that calculates your EFC. There are a few important elements to remember when you apply for a grant, which are:

• How much your income is
• The income of your parents and any assets that they may own
• Size of your family
• The number of family members that are attending college

Being approved for a Pell Grant will help take some of the stress out of paying for college. Let us help you by providing you with the information you need to apply today and further your education tomorrow!

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