These Smartphone Apps Let You Earn Extra Money for Little Effort

Smartphone owners have access to more ways of making extra money than they might initially realize. Various freely downloadable apps on smartphones with scanning functionality, in fact, allow virtually anybody to make pocket money without having to put in much work or effort.

The Lucktastic app provides members free digital versions of the scratch cards that are common at convenience stores. Members must watch several ads before scratching off that day's assortment of tickets, but otherwise they can freely and instantly win cash prizes ranging from one dollar to ten thousand dollars.

You can receive cashback offers through Dosh just by purchasing services and products at participating hotels, restaurants, and online storefronts. So long as you have connected a credit card or debit card to the app, you can save money whenever you book a hotel or make an online purchase through Dosh.

The Decluttr app lets you easily sell off your physical disc-based and cartridge-based media online without even having to pay shipping. Simply use your smartphone to scan images of the barcodes on the products to get Decluttr's service to make you monetary offers, which are usually around three dollars for a given item.

Out of the various apps that pay members for taking surveys, i-Say is one of the most highly regarded. Run by a division of Ipsos, the app lets members answer simple questions and potentially earn five dollars every half-hour.

If you keep the digital receipts sent to you via email whenever you make online purchases, the Earny app can scan them to get stores to issue you cash back whenever those purchases lower in price after you had already bought them. This only works for participating stores, but these stores include Walmart and Target.

Meanwhile, the Ibotta app posts weekly cashback offers that apply whenever you make the listed purchases, scan their receipts with your smartphone, and send the images through the app. An example of what can be offered for a given week is a small percentage of cash back for any purchases from a store like Best Buy made within the week's time frame.

Connecting your bank account to the Acorns app allows it to take the spare change left over from all of your purchases and automatically invest it into the stock market for you. This allows you to easily store and build up a small cache of funds that you can refer to in the future.

Trim is effectively an automated reminder system that notifies you whenever a payment is made out of your bank account for a subscription. By looking through your account's history of regular transactions, it can help you realize that not all of your current subscriptions are worth maintaining, and you can cancel unwanted subscriptions through it.

Through the InboxDollars app, you can get paid very small amounts of money simply by watching online videos; this is because the videos' sponsors need them to accrue as many views as possible. Unlike Swagbucks, InboxDollars allows earnings to be paid out as actual cash.

If you have old but otherwise intact clothes that you have no interest in using anymore, avoid throwing or giving them away; the free Letgo app lets you sell usable clothes online, thus resulting in some extra money for you.

Shopkick is an app that credits members' accounts with an exclusive "Kick" currency whenever they physically enter participating stores with their smartphones on them. More Kicks are awarded for scanning products in the stores and then buying them by using credit cards attached to the app. Kicks can then be converted into free gift cards.

A highly lucrative option exists in the Lyft app, which pays qualifying members for providing ridesharing services to clients in major cities. While you would have to pay for your own gas costs, you can earn work-like wages on a schedule that you can dictate.

Finally, with the QuickThoughts app, you can be paid for taking secret smartphone photos of various buildings and businesses to provide relevant feedback to other businesses. For example, you can document the conditions and lines at certain fast food joints, and you can document what a specific pharmacy is doing to commemorate the holidays.

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