Make Your Pantry Happy With These Bulk Savings From Bulk Retailer Sam's Club

Get your best club clothing ensemble out because this is a party you don't want to miss. Seriously, don your best yoga pants and most comfy shoes and let's all take a party bus to Sam's Club for a deal that's almost too good to be true.

Here's the scoop ...

You know LivingSocial is an online marketplace to buy and sell local things to do, see, eat, and shop. You know Groupon, LivingSocial's parent company, is a site that offers thousands of local deals and coupons on nearby eateries, attractions, spas, travel, etc.

Groupon and LivingSocial have teamed up to offer you two different savings concoctions that'll get you the following through either a $45 option or a $30 option:

1) $45 option

• One-year basic Sam's Club membership ($45 value) with two cards.
• One of each: free rotisserie chicken, yeast rolls, and chocolate chunk cookies ($16.94 value.)
• $25 Vudu credit.
• $ 10 e-gift card that's valid both online and in-club.
• $137.30 in Instant Savings that will be automatically loaded to your new membership card for you to use over the next 30 days. Instant savings include coupons for services, dry goods, and groceries, such as:

- Free tire installation with purchase of four tires.
- $6 off Member's Mark diapers.
- $1.50 off Member's Mark toilet tissue.
- $1.50 off Amy Member's Mark deli meat.
• A total combined savings of almost 80%.

2) $35 option

• One-year basic Sam's Club membership ($45 value) with two cards.
• $10 e-gift card that's valid both online and in-club.
• A total combined savings of $20.

How Do I Get To This Sam's Club Party?

Either opinion is available on both the LivingSocial and Groupon website. Of course, you'll need to sign up for an account first with either of the sites, but that's free and only takes a few minutes to complete. And, you'll then be able to search thousands of daily deals on a variety of services, goods, and travel.

Once you have registered for either a Groupon or LivingSocial account, you can then select the Sam's Club offer you'd like and pay for it through your account. You'll soon be sent membership redemption instructions by email. You must complete the redemption instructions to activate your membership.

While you will not receive a membership card until you go into Sam's Club to pick it up, you can still use the membership number you're provided to shop on the Sam's Club mobile app and online.

Time appears to be limited for the offer. The caveats of the offer on Groupon and LivingSocial both say to act before March 26, 2018 to receive the additional $137 instant savings, but the site also says that the deal ends in just three days. So, it may be best to act ASAP if you don't want to miss out on the savings party.

Can Anyone Get The Sam's Club Membership Deal?

This Sam's Club membership deal is valid at almost 600 of Sam's U.S. locations. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico Sam's Club locations are excluded.

Only new Sam's Club members qualify for the deal. Those with a current membership can not take advantage of the offer. Previous members must have a membership that expired prior to August 1, 2017 to be eligible.

Those that do qualify may request a second membership card for any one household member of their choosing.

It's A Phenomenal Deal For A Sam's Club Membership, But Don't Forget To Read The Fine Print

The dreaded fine print, but this one isn't so bad. Key points that you should consider before taking advantage of this deal:

• Only one deal is allowed per Groupon and LivingSocial account.

• You'll be automatically renewed each year upon signing up for the Sam's Club membership.

• The automatic renewal charge isn't a fixed rate, meaning that you'll be automatically be charged whatever the going cost of a Sam's Club membership is at the time of renewal. Currently, that price is $45 per year for a basic membership.

• Credits must be used within 30 days of becoming a member.

• A Vudu movie account is necessary for Vudu redemption and must be redeemed by 4-30-18.

• Instant savings expire 30 days following membership activation.

Fine print aside, this deal features a lot of savings, both in the upfront cost of a Sam's Club membership and in future discounts and gift cards over the following 30 days. Your pantry will certainly thank you for checking it out further.

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