Work from Home Doing Simple Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

You, like many other people online, may be looking for an online job or a just a quick way to make some spare cash at home. Most people who are familiar with online work are fully aware of many of the more mainstream online work options like doing surveys, transcribing audio and video and blogging for ad revenue. However, there is a more niche method that is actually backed up by one of the biggest players on the internet, Amazon. This method is known as Mechanical Turk (Mturk) and is essentially a crowdsourcing platform that lets workers complete small tasks that require some level of human intelligence. Does this sound too good to be true? No, it is actually really pretty great.

What Exactly Is Mechanical Tur?

As stated before, Amazon Mechanical Turk is an internet-based marketplace of micro-tasks that require some type of human input, as computers cannot do everything by themselves. This type of input can vary from answering a questionnaire for a scientific study, saying some particular words in a microphone or even watching a video to determine whether the video is suitable for all ages. These small tasks are known as Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs). These tasks are submitted to Amazon Mechanical Turk by establishments like universities, businesses or even just individuals who need some sort of basic work done.

How Do You Find Work on Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Finding work on Amazon Mechanical Turk is quite simple. First, like most websites, you have to register for an account. After the account is made, you will be able to browse through the (usually) thousands of available HITs and find one that you would like to work on. There are a few ways to browse through these HITs, such as using the built-in search bar, browsing through the HIT pages and using browser plugins such as HIT Scraper to find worthwhile HITS. Once you find a HIT that you believe will be worthwhile, just click “accept” and the HIT is yours. Now, all you have to do is complete and submit the work in order to complete the HIT. After the HIT is submitted, the requester reviews your work and chooses to accept it or not. If accepted, the payment for the HIT is inserted into your Mechanical Turk account.

How Do You Get Paid on Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Before you even think about withdrawing the funds from your account, you must make sure your account is at least 10 days old, as accounts that have not completed the 10-day holding period are unable to withdraw funds. After the 10 days is over, you can withdraw your funds. If you are from the United States, this can be done in two different ways, you can either withdraw your funds into your Amazon Payments account or onto a digital Amazon gift card. If you would like to eventually transfer your funds into your bank account, you should choose to transfer your funds to your Amazon Payments account, as after your Amazon Payments account is fully set up, you can move money from your Payments account into your bank account.

This somewhat differs for non-U.S. residents. Indian citizens have two options. They can either directly deposit the funds as Indian Rupees into their bank account or transfer the funds onto an Amazon gift card. Unfortunately, if you are not from the United States or India, your only option is to transfer your earnings onto an Amazon gift card.

Why Choose Amazon Mechanical Turk?

There are a few reasons why Mechanical Turk sticks out from the rest of the crowd. Firstly, Mechanical Turk workers can work whenever and wherever they choose. Secondly, there are always a wide variety of different types of tasks to choose from on the platform, some even offer bonuses for high-quality work. With this said, once you complete a certain number of HITs with a high success rating, you can earn the title of Master, which grants you access to higher paying HITs.

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