Walgreens Seeks to Hire Many More Employees with Disabilities

Walgreens is a national brand that has really made an effort to hire more people with disabilities. After announcing previously that it hoped to have employees with disabilities make up around ten percent of its total workforce, the company actually went into action to try to make this become a reality.

Currently, there is a program in Texas that is serving as the launching pad for Walgreens to start putting its plans into action. The program in Texas is working to help train up those new employees with disabilities to serve in their roles working for Walgreens. The specific goal is to try to train up those with disabilities to have the opportunity to serve as cashiers and the like. The best way to do that, of course, is to have proper training set in place ahead of time. That is what Walgreens is working on in Texas right now.

Walgreens acknowledges that while they are the one running the program, some who go through it end up taking positions at other retail outlets. They are okay with that outcome so long as they are in the right in terms of helping out those with disabilities find the kind of employment that they require.

Other large companies are seeing what Walgreens is attempting to do here and are motivated by it to try to do their own good work in the area of helping employees with disabilities. Procter and Gamble is a good example of this as they recently hired on thirty percent of their workforce from the disabled population at a sorting facility that they have in the state of Maine. When doing so the company noted the influence that recent actions by Walgreens had on their decision to make those hires. They specifically pointed to Walgreens as an example that they wanted to follow.

It is important to note that Walgreens is the exception to the rule as it were when it comes to hiring people with disabilities. The sad reality for many disabled individuals in the United States is that they can fully expect to have a much higher than average unemployment rate compared to the general population. In the month of February of this year, the unemployment rate among disabled Americans hovered near sixteen percent. That is compared to just below four percent for the population as a whole.

There is a new rule working its way through the Labor Department that could be a boon for those with disabilities if it were to actually get passed through. This is a rule calling on employers to have at least seven percent of their total workforce be individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, many employers are lobbying against this rule. This includes many of the nation's largest employers.

As you can see, Walgreens is kind of the exception to the rule as it were when it comes to hiring on those with disabilities. They have taken it upon themselves to make the world a better place for the disabled, but their example is not exactly embraced by everyone. We do see stories such as that from Procter and Gamble which are encouraging, but they are sadly too far and few between. What we really need is more active campaigning from supporters of those with disabilities to help them get the kind of work that they need.

Walgreens has frequently been a leader rather than a follower when it comes to making choices that are focused on serving the social good. They have shown empathy for those who suffer from disabilities. At the same time, they expect the same level of work and effort to be put into the jobs that they would expect from an able-bodied person. That is important to note here because it needs to be understood that we are all equals when it comes to programs like this.

Reputation points have been earned by Walgreens and others who have followed in their footsteps. They have received a lot of kudos for trying to help out with employing those with disabilities. It may become a fairly common thing in the future as many other employers may either voluntarily decide to hire more individuals with disabilities, or they may be forced to do so under new rules from the Justice Department. Either way, as long as more people from the disabled community are getting gainful employment, then we are already in a place that is better than where we were before.

Think about this issues whenever possible from every angle that you can. It is nice to hear good news coming out of corporate America as it relates to the disabled community for once. This is something that many in that community have been longing for and now it is finally here. Walgreens may just lead the way to a whole new way of thinking about this issue.

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