How to Get Low Cost Internet

There are many people who want internet, but the expensive prices prevent many people from getting it. However, with a little effort, there is a way to get quality internet for as little as $5 each month. The internet has become one of the essential pieces of our society, and because of this, these programs have provided this piece for households with low income.

It is a two-step process, and in the first step, you will decide upon a service of low-income. Step two provides you with the change to make the costs lower by applying for a helpful subsidy that lowers the cost monthly. Here is what you need to know.

The First Step

As mentioned above, the first step is to choose the internet service for low income. Luckily, many of the major providers of internet service provide affordable options for low-income consumers to enjoy their programs. You can choose to get a service through places like Comcast, AT&T, and CenturyLink. You should always ensure that these services are available in your are first.

Unfortunately, this is where we get into a little bit of bad news. First, the good news is that that are so many cheap internet providers and programs around the USA, but getting these programs can be difficult to understand and use.

There are a few cheap programs that the most popular companies offer nationally.

  • CenturyLink Internet Basics is a program that is only $9.95 each month before any subsidy is added, but there is no subsidy available for this program.
  • Comcast Internet Essentials has a program for $9.95 every month, but the subsidy is no longer available for this program.
  • Google Fiber is a low cost of $15 each month before any subsidy, and with the Lifeline discount, it is $6 every month.
  • AT&T Access is between $5 to $10 everyone, but it is hard to say whether any subsidy might be available for plans by AT&T.
  • Charter Spectrum is also $15 each month, and when you add the Lifeline discount, this program is $6 a month.

There are also a few less-known providers that offer low internet costs:

  • Eagle Communications offers a program for $9.95 each month, but it is still unsure whether or not you can use a subsidy.
  • Frontier offers a $19.99 each month program and the Lifeline discount drops it down to $10.75.
  • Cox Communications is only $9.95, and it becomes less than $1 after adding the Lifeline discount.
  • Mediacom is $9.95, and it is also less than $1 after the subsidy discount.

You can always use your local library or a place with local internet service, like a coffee shop or bookstore, to use the internet if you just can’t afford home internet.

The Second Step

In the second step, you will need to apply for your subsidy or your Lifeline discount. In order to qualify for the subsidy, you need to have at least one of the thing below:

  • SNAP, EBT, or food stamps
  • SSI
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Tribal programs
  • Veteran’s survivor benefits
  • Veterans pensions
  • Income lower than 135-percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines

After you get the subsidy, the credit of $9.25 is added to your internet bill. While it may not seem like a huge amount, combining this subsidy with the low-income services already provided can give you the quality internet you want for less than $1 in most cases.

However, the catch comes when you can get only a single subsidy for each household. If you already have one for your phone service, you can’t get another for internet. Even if you can’t get the subsidy for your internet, many of the providers mentioned in the article above offer low-cost options that give you quality service for a low price. The best advice for using a subsidy is to find a provider that accepts the discount, apply for the discount, and wait for the provider to get back to you.

Having quality internet doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. In fact, many low-income families can take advantage of the the the great internet for a low cost. The hardest part is taking the time to compare companies, services, and more.

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