Can You Get Paid to Tweet, Pin, and Instagram?

The modern age of the internet has provided many opportunities that often go unnoticed or ignored, and some of the most valuable opportunities allow you to earn money from home by working through the web. There are actually hundreds of ways to earn money online, and one of the initial ways that most people try is freelance blogging. While that can be highly lucrative, it also requires a fair amount of work. Most people who want to either switch over to working entirely from home or earn just enough extra income to supplement their standard job would much rather get paid for doing something they are already doing, and that is definitely the secret to earning online income.

With the help of social media platforms and advertisers, it can be exceptionally easy to earn a little bit of extra income, and some will be able to make a complete living just through this method. Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are highly valuable not only because they allow for social interaction, but because they offer opportunities for advertisers to put their products and services right in front of their target audiences via real people on those platforms. That is where IZEA comes into the picture.

IZEA is an online broker that connects advertisers with social media users who they can pay to post content about new products and services. The best part of this is that users can earn money by posting to their own personal accounts. You won't have to set up a special Twitter account just for your IZEA posts, so there is very little effort involved. Even someone who only tacitly uses the platform will be able to earn hundreds of dollars per year, and the potential to earn more is available to those who put the time in. What's great is that you get paid for something you are already doing anyway.

There are basically two main ways to make money from IZEA. When you first join the platform, you'll be asked to create a personal profile that includes your writing style, interests, and skills. You should use keywords that relate to your most valuable skills and areas of interest in order to attract more potential work. After you've completed your profile, it gets added to the IZEA database where advertisers can search for potential connections. If an advertiser likes your profile, they will contact you and ask for your services. For instance, you might be offered a few dollars to tweet for a specific company about upcoming events or products.

The second way to make money from the platform involves bidding on campaigns that advertisers post without searching for their own specific clients through the database. This is great for the advertisers because it allows them to get work completed at the lowest possible bid, and it's great for those using the platform since they can access work without having to attract an advertiser on their own.

Most new users will have to start bidding low if they want to gain the respect of the advertisers on the platform. As is the case with most areas of labor, those who are paying will try to find the people with the most experience to complete their work. You don't have to already have social media accounts on every platform to use IZEA since there are campaigns for specific networks all the time. If you don't use Instagram, you can wait for a Twitter campaign.

Perhaps the best thing about IZEA is that it's entirely free. There are tons of advertisers already working with the platform, and more are added every day. New users will be entered to win a $200 prize just for signing up.

Get started with IZEA today and watch the money pour in!

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